Course Description

If you are new to Math Arena's Fraction, Ratio, Percentage methods, this will be a good starter. You should also take our FREE course --> Learn Fractions, Ratio, Percentages -- The Basics


This course is targeted at Singapore's primary 5 and 6 students and advanced students from primary 4.

Based on feedback, many parents have used the videos to learn the methods to help their children learn faster.

Math Arena students gain an edge using techniques that we teach here in our videos. These methods provide accuracy and speed of solving. We believe it provides better understanding of their solutions to the questions that they are solving.

It can be used as independent learning or for revision.

Course Content

You will :

  • get 3 PDF files to download and practice
  • be able to watch and learn from 30 videos
  • learn fast, accurate methods in solving Fractions, Ratio & Percentage Questions

Course Pre-requisites

You will need to know:

  • basic ideas of Fractions, Ratio and Percentages
  • how to watch videos on your computer, mobile phone, tablet


  • our videos complement the student’s math lessons in Math Arena
  • Fractions, Ratio & Percentages (FRP) are the main bulk of of questions for PSLE
  • it is common that parents do learn from our videos and work with their children too
  • the bar model is good for understanding but may be less useful for more complicated questions. It can also lead to harder transition to algebra in their secondary schools.

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The instructor is from Math Arena.The instructor is absolutely passionate about teaching and you'll find the lessons engaging and ultimately rewarding.

Course curriculum

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