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This course is targeted at Singapore Cambridge GCE O level students, but is also relevant to IGCSE students and Singapore's Integrated program students.

If there is one concept in physics that airplane pilots rely on more than the rest, this is it. First of all, the pilot needs to be able to find his altitude. This is done with a barometer, which measures the changes in pressure around the airplane to determine its height. Then he needs to be able to work out his speed, which is again done by measuring changes in pressure. This course will cover concepts foundational to the topic of pressure, allowing you to calculate the pressure produced in different scenarios and understand how a barometer works.

Course Content

You will learn:

  • How to determine the pressure exerted by a solid object
  • How to determine the pressure exerted by a liquid
  • How to measure atmospheric pressure with a barometer
  • How to measure gas pressure with a manometer
  • How a hydraulic press can allow you to lift a 1-tonne weight with your finger
  • Other cool stuff!

A link to the full O level Physics syllabus can be found here

Course Prerequisites

You will need to know:

  • How the pressure and volume of a gas are related to each other (doubling the pressure halves the volume). This is covered in the Kinetic Model of Matter course
  • Some knowledge of Newton's third law would be helpful
  • How to watch videos on your computer
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